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Our Store Number (617)-466-0174 | Our Store Email Our Store Number (617) 466-0174 | 280 Revere Beach Pkwy Chelsea, MA 02150 | Check out our Protection Plan
Our Store Number (617) 466-0174 | 280 Revere Beach Pkwy Chelsea, MA 02150 | Check out our Protection Plan

Refund Policy



II.All customers are hereby notified that any merchandise that they wish to purchase from Mr. Liquidator is only subject to the information that is present at the time of sale. So, the information that is given at the time of sale is the only valid information about the merchandise from Mr. Liquidator to the Customer/ Buyer.

III.Any transportation of the merchandise held or facilitated in sale by Mr. Liquidator to the Customer/Buyer and picked up on the Mr. Liquidator premises by the Customer/Buyer, means that the Customer/Buyer is 100% liable for all the merchandise that Customer/Buyer transports off the Mr. Liquidator premises. There are no exceptions and no claims or damages can be filed by the Customer/Buyer to Mr. Liquidator in association with the merchandise taken off the Mr. Liquidator premises by the Customer/Buyer.

IV.If the Customer/Buyer wishes to enter into a Layaway Agreement with Mr. Liquidator, the Customer/Buyer must adhere to the terms and conditions of Mr. Liquidator’s Layaway Agreement here.

V.The Customer/Buyer is fully responsible for all the assessments associated with the intended location of the merchandise that is being purchased from Mr. Liquidator and either picked up by the Customer/Buyer or delivered to the Customer/Buyer’s designated premises by Mr. Liquidator employees. This means that it is the Customer/Buyer’s full responsibility to take adequate measurements of the area by which the merchandise will have to reside and determine whether there is a large enough path to entry into the area where the merchandise will reside.

VI.Special orders initiated by the Customer/Buyer and finalized by Mr. Liquidator and the Customer/Buyer are not considered under any circumstances for a refund and THE SALE IS FINAL. Full payment of the special order must be paid to Mr. Liquidator. The special order can’t be cancelled under any circumstances.

VII.If the Customer/Buyer places an order through Mr. Liquidator and wishes to exchange the merchandise or change the original order of the merchandise for any reason Mr. Liquidator must be notified and must authorize the exchange or change order. The Customer/Buyer is hereby notified that any change order or exchange initiated by the Customer/Buyer and authorized by Mr. Liquidator is subject to a 20% restocking fee of the original purchase price of the merchandise being changed or exchanged.

VIII.Mr. Liquidator employees are hereby released of all liability associated with the entire delivery process from start to finish. Mr. Liquidator employees are not permitted to move or adjust anything on the Customer/Buyer’s premises other than to place the merchandise delivered by Mr. Liquidator employees into the desired Customer/Buyer’s location.

IX.Delivery time frames shall be determined at the point of sale by the Customer/Buyer and Mr. Liquidator employee(s). The Customer/Buyer is hereby notified that Mr. Liquidator is not responsible for any delays to the initially agreed upon delivery time frame(s) and Mr. Liquidator reserves the right to change the delivery time frame(s) at any time. Mr. Liquidator reserves the right to make its own determination of the liability associated with delivery time(s) at any time.

✔ Same day pickup

  • Want to pick up your order the same day you buy it? No problem!
    • Please note that same day pickup is only available on certain items so be sure to check with your sales associate before finalizing your order if the same day pickup option is something that interests you!


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